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Cancellation/Late & Wait List Policy

You can cancel your seat within 4 hours of any session.
Log into your account, click ON the class that you are currently registered for.
Click on the ‘Cancel Reservation’ button which will then cancel your seat and credit you back for the session.
* Please note we do NOT credit back for cancellations outside of the 4 hour window as well as for no shows as that seat could have been sold to someone else.

SOHO Cycling will hold all reservations up to 5 minutes into class. If you have not arrived for your reservation by 5 minutes after start time, your seat will be given away to anyone waiting to ride. As everyone is extended this tardy policy we ask that you do not move or switch bikes as the rider may be on their way. Please be mindful that coming in late is disruptive to the SOHO sanctuary that we are trying to provide.

You may add yourself to the wait list on sold out sessions. Go to MY ACCOUNT to see what place you are in the queue. The wait list feature works on the cancellation policy so you may be added to a class up to 4 hour before a session, even at the early 6 am slots. Please note that if you wish to NOT be on the wait list any longer you MUST remove yourself under MY ACCOUNT. If you do not remove yourself you will be charged for a no show. We ask that you please adhere to this protocol so that we may keep things fair to the studio, instructors and other SOHO riders.